Saturday, January 5, 2013

To Box or Not to Box

I’ve finished all 8 of the Click-It bags for my trip to New York, well maybe finished.  I still have to decide whether to box the bottoms.


Generally for a Click-It bag I don’t box them but I’m just not sure.  If I leave them squared off that means I’m done and that’s a good thing.  If I decide to box them it really won’t take that much time but it is another step. 

So here they all are waiting for a decision.   


The all red one’s just have been turned right side out yet.

So what do you thing?  Box or no box? 




  1. Got to say I like mine boxed. Just seems stuff fits better. Either way, they're perfect for your visit. Have a great time!

  2. i like the added depth that boxing adds, I seem to box any bag/purse I do. Enjoy yourself ~

  3. Very cute. Either way looks great, but I lean towards boxed.


  4. Box them for sure. They appear as though they hold more and it also looks more professional IMHO.


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