Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting it Done–February 2013

Well I guess I’ll start with my January report.  It didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked but oh well, it was a busy month.

  1. Quilt the background on Margie’s quilt – Finished
  2. Make 8 Click-it bags for New York  - Finished
  3. Finish the border for my Great Granny quilt – Worked on but still in progress.
  4. Make a proto type of my new bag pattern – I’ve started the design process

2 out of 4 is a little disappointing but that’s the way the month went.  If I were a baseball player batting .500 it would be a really, really good thing and I’d probably be in the Hall of Fame.  In the quilting world however, these last 2 things will just carry over to February. 

Here’s my goals for February.  BTW, it’s going to be another busy, busy month but part of it will be spent at a retreat so hopefully that means I can get more done.

1.  Finish the border for my Great Granny quilt

2.  Make a proto type of my new bag pattern

3.  Add the binding to my green and white quilt

4.  Make a Woven Ribbon top

Here’s my Great Granny quilt and border.



Green and white quilt need the binding added and then it will be finished.


And finally the Woven Ribbon quilt.  This is an old block that my friend Frances taught at our guild.  I helped her figure out some of the squaring up and pressing needed so that the blocks go together nicely.   These are the 4 blocks I made quite a while ago now I’m going to make a top using the same method but with a different background fabric. 


I think that should do it.  If I actually get everything done, I’ll feel like I really had a great February.

To see what others are working on in February, head on over to Judy’s blog




  1. Not to mention a quilt retreat and more. I have a stack as my list. Sigh..........

  2. Nice project you have! Wishing you lots of interrupted time in the coming month.

  3. gee, what a long to do list. I always just give my self one project for a month. Im always very happy and could dance when I meet my goal. lol.

    I like the look of the woven ribbon blocks.

  4. I have to look for my circles and squares quilt top. I am not sure where I stuck it. Can't wait to see woven ribbons done. I really like that pattern.

  5. You had a great Febuary? I better get moving to catch up.


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