Monday, May 22, 2017

Design Wall Monday–May 22, 2017

This week I’m Big Bear Lake attending a retreat with friends.  Therefore my design wall is my workstation and a couch.  First up here’s a project in process.


Not much to see yet but I’m sure it will grow as the day goes on.  Next up, here’s our sewing area.  It’s tiny but it works for us. 


My other project I’m planning on completing is my Bonnie Hunter Texas Rose.  As you can see by the label, it was started a very long time ago.  I finished it last year at this same retreat but I struggled with how to bind it.  I’ve finally figured it out so over the next couple of days it will really, truly be finished and I’ll add a final note to the label. 







Hope you all have a fabulous week doing and working on something you love.



Monday, May 15, 2017

Design Wall Monday–May 15, 2017

Last Thursday I attended a workshop taught by Rami Kim.  If you ever get an opportunity, take it, she is a delight.  In the class we worked on making a purse.  The highlight of the project is making these little folded pieces out of fabric to add detail and decoration to the front and back of the purse.


Here are my pieces waiting to be completed.  Here’s a couple of close-ups of the folded accent pieces.



The folded hexagon is on the left and the folded square is on the right.  They are actually fairly easy to make and sooooooo much fun. 

There are four of us that are getting together tomorrow to finish up our bags.  We figure together we’ll have fun and enjoy the whole process.  I’ll post pictures once it’s competed.

See you soon!



Monday, May 8, 2017

Design Wall Monday–May 8, 2017

Does this work?

One of my friendship groups has an annual birthday block exchange.  There are 12 of us and during your birthday month you receive blocks made by others.  This month is my friend Marie’s birthday and she has selected a block call Lunch Box Social.  Not a difficult block but the problem is she wants it done in Civil War fabrics.  Thankfully a few months back someone brought a bunch of Civil War fabrics to a gathering and I was able to come home with a nice selection of fabrics to use.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize that I needed a blue for the center of the 9 patch.  That’s it just one little 1 1/2” square of Civil War blue.  I have searched my entire stash and this is the closest I can come.  What do you think?  Will it work?


IMG_3412If not I have to head to the fabric store and try to find something that will work. 

In the mean time, my birthday was in April.  I haven’t received all my blocks yet but here’s what I have so far.


My blocks are made using Edyta Sitar’s YouTube video.  You can view it here.  

To see what others are working on, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times blog.



Monday, May 1, 2017

Design Wall Monday–May 1, 2017


I’d love to show you what I’m working on but it’s for my guild’s challenge.  I would kind of like to keep it a little hidden.  Orange Grove Quilters Guild is having a Sewing Room/Home Tour and Luncheon in June and they are having a small quilt challenge.  The theme is Lazy Crazy Days of Summer.  It needs to be approximately 18” square and have a noticeable amount of the challenge fabric on the front.

IMG_3365 I have started mine and am having a lot of fun playing with it.  The picture at the top was just some thoughts when I first started.  I’m much further along but I probably won’t show it on the blog until after the challenge. 

In the mean time, I think this is making it’s way to the top of the pile to get quilted. 


This is a table runner/wall hanging that I made too long ago to remember.  It’s all layered and ready to be quilted.  I guess I’ll work on it next (unless I get side tracked…………………it’s possible). 

To see what others are working on, check out Judy’s blog.



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