Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It’s Halloween

I guess I should say Happy Halloween but today is a very sad day for me.  My friend Margie made this little 21” square wall hanging for me 3 years ago, but today Margie is fighting for her life.  Margie had a massive stroke and heart attack on October 21st and is still unresponsive.  She could sure use your prayers.  She is a gentle, kind person and I love her very much.

A Gift from Margie

My friendship group is making her a Hugs and Hands quilt.  Here are just a few of the blocks I’ve collected so far.



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cutest Letty’s Bag–Ever !!!!!

Finally, it’s finished.


And the inside…….


And a close-up of the outside pocket. 


I love, love, love it!



Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Wall Monday–October 29, 2012

I finally finished the handwork on the yo-yo flowers and leaves that are going on the pocket of my new Letty’s Bag. 


All I have left is to complete the final assembly.  Hopefully, that will happen later today. 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

This year I decided I really wanted to participate in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival but the difficult part was figuring out which quilt to share.  I finally decided on this. 

Miss August

She is just a little thing, but so cute.   I call her Miss August and although her name would suggest she only comes out in August, in fact she spends a great deal of time hanging on my front door.  The plan has always been for me to add more months but so far……..NADA!  Maybe someday. 

The quilt is 16 1/2” x 16 1/2”.

Techniques include paper piecing as well as standard piecing

Inspired by Garden Girl from Leisure Arts Garden Club Quits

Designed in EQ7, pieced and quilted by me

Categories:  Small Wall Quilt, Machine Quilted

Be sure to go to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival page and check out all the wonderful quilts.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Wall Monday–October 22, 2012

Finally, I have something to share on my design wall. 


This is my attempt to make one of my Letty’s Bags that was inspired by the sample I saw at Sewing Party last week. 

The yo-yo’s are all made, the French knots are sewn to the red wool felt centers and I’m now in the process of sewing the red felt centers down.  I still have to work on the leaves and then finish assembling the bag but I will tell you this………I love it!  Here’s a close-up of the flowers.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sewing Party and Letty’s Bag

One of my favorite quilt shops is Sewing Party in Laguna Hills, CA.  Here’s a link to their website but it’s so much better in person.  I was down there last month and they had a quilt completely made out of voile fabric that I really wanted to make.  They were out of it at the time but they called the other day and it was back in stock, so off I went this afternoon. 

As I wandered around the shop I came across a sample of my Letty’s Bag.  This may just be the most fabulous Letty’s Bag sample I have ever seen.  Check it out.



The yo-yo’s are sewn on to the outside pocket.  Isn’t it just about the cutes bag ever????  I just love it and want one of my very own.  Can you see my pattern tucked along side the bag?  I think I just may have to make one just like it. 

If you visit, say hi to Cecile for me. 



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vacation Time

I really haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, I’m just on vacation having a wonderful time but wanted to check in.  I have been knitting a little bit so I thought I’d share this with you.


It’s a surprisingly easy scarf to make.

If you’d like to follow along with John’s and my vacation, I’m blogging daily about it here.  I’ll  be back home and hopefully back in the swing of quilting this weekend.  Until then…….



Monday, October 1, 2012

Design Wall Monday–October 1, 2012

Wow………where does the time go.  It continues to be very hot here in Southern California.  In fact, it’s suppose to be 100 degrees today so the news has all kinds of weather warnings.  Unfortunately since we live fairly close to the beach we don’t have air conditioning.  Needless to say it is (and has been) too darn hot to spend time in my sewing room.  I ventured in there this morning in order to show you this very sad design wall.

GGB border

This will become the border for my Great Granny quilt.  Last week we had a few “cooler” days so I was able to sew my quilt top together.  Since it’s going on my queen size bed, with a very deep mattress, I’m having to make it very big.  So far it is 7 blocks by 7 blocks equaling about 90” square and still not big enough which is why I am now adding borders.  Here’s a picture of it just laying on top of the bed. 

GGB quilt top

I will eventually add matching pillow shams so it won’t look quite so plain against the wall. 

In the mean time, my husband John and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning.  We’re heading to D.C. and then to New England.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that our timing will be perfect to see the changing of the leaves.  While I’m gone, I will be blogging daily over on our vacation blog.  If you’d like to follow along with us, you can find it at  If I find anything quilt or sewing related along the way, I’ll also update this blog.   To see what others have on their design walls, head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times blog



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