Friday, October 30, 2009

I am Blessed!

I have the most wonderful friendship group a person could possibly have.  We call ourselves the Wednesday Wacko’s.  I’ve blogged about them in the past but it’s time to tell you a little about them. 

We’ve been together for 7 years and meet every week.  I know what you’re thinking, how in the world could a group stay together so long.  I wish I knew the answer but I really don’t know, we just click.  There have been a few changes over the years, we’ve lost a few and gained a few but it is still the very bestest ever.  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.  Here we are:

Oct 2009

This week we got together at my house to celebrate our anniversary as well as a Christmas in July gift exchange.  Remember I said our groups is called the Wednesday Wacko’s so for us having Christmas in July, in October, makes since.  It originally was suppose to be in July but that was a very busy month so it got put off until September and then rescheduled again until October.  Is the name making since yet? 

The idea behind the gift exchange was to draw names and then present the person who’s named you picked 9 gifts, with each gift representing a letter of C H R I S T M A S, the girls were ingenious in what they came up with. 

But wait until you see what I received. I will tell you when I found out Margie had drawn my name, I knew I was in for a treat.  Margie is the queen of needle turn appliqué. First instead of 9 individual gifts spelling out Christmas, she made this adorable wall hanging.

Christmas in July

Look closely and you’ll see it spells Christmas.  Isn’t it just the cutest thing?  But wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  When we drew names, I indicated that I love Halloween, so check out what the appliqué queen made me.

Halloween Quilt Margie

Let’s take a closer look…..

Halloween Closeup1

Halloween Closeup2

Halloween Closeup3

Halloween Closeup4

All the appliqué was needle turned, with the tiniest little stitches. The candy corn was made by piecing three fabrics together and then needle turned.  She then machine quilted the top.

Check out the label


It says it all.

Thank you Margie, I can’t tell you how much I love it. 



Thursday, October 29, 2009

I’m Baaaack!

I’m back from a wonderful two week vacation with my husband John.  Although I haven’t been Blogging here, I Blogged everyday while on vacation.  If you’d like to read all about it click here

Now that I’m back to reality, it’s time to get back to sewing and quilting.  I have several projects that have made their way to the top of my to-do list.  I’ll post some pictures and updates later today. 

For now here’s a picture of my friendship group that met last night.

Oct 2009

More about that later also.



Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Something From the Smithsonian

As many of you know my husband John and I are on vacation.  We are currently in Washington D.C. and doing all the touristy things.  I have a vacation Blog if you’d like to follow along. 

In the mean time I found something I thought crafters and quilters would like to see.  We’ve come along way baby!  I can’t imagine doing all the sewing we do today on one of these old Singer machines.

Picture 040

Picture 038

Today and tomorrow we will be visiting a few more Smithsonian museums.  I believe tomorrow’s visit will include quilts.  I sure hope so, I need a quilt fix. 

We’re staying in the city and as far as I know, there isn’t a quilt shop in the area.  We don’t have a rental car, we’re relying on walking and the Metro.  If anyone knows of a shop in the city, please let me know, maybe we could fit a quick visit in.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

John and Robin’s Vacation

John and I will be leaving on vacation on Tuesday.  I will continue to update here but if you’d like to follow along with us while we’re gone please head on over to our vacation Blog. 

Thankfully, our granddaughter will be house/cat sitting for us while we’re away.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet the Teacher

Here in Southern California we have the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and once or twice a year they have a “Meet the Teacher” meeting.  It’s a great opportunity for the various guild representative to come together and meet many of the local quilt designers and teachers. 

This morning I drove out to Hemet, CA about 1 1/2 hour from my home to distribute my brochure and do a 3 minute talk.  As I told them this morning, I can easily talk for an hour but 3 minutes is really hard.  You barely have a chance to give your name and a few (and I do mean few) details about yourself, your lecture and your workshop. 

Each teacher is given one half a table to use to show a few things, distribute brochures, business cards and chat with the various guild reps. 

Here’s a picture of my little corner of the world.


Typically people collect brochures and business cards and then contact you later.  But today I actually received several offers to lecture and teach next year.  I’m thrilled with the response to my very quick 3 minutes in the spotlight. 



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catch Up Time

I’ve been slacking off with updating the Blog this last several days.  Sorry about that!

Marilyn and I had a very successful and fun retreat.  There were 29 of us and we had a terrific time.  Here’s a picture of all of us. 


On Monday, Marilyn and I regrouped to get ready to take our traveling quilt store on the road up to Big Bear, CA.  Big Bear is about 100 miles from my home and high up in the local mountains.

Early Tuesday morning we headed out and up the mountain.  We arrived about noon time and set up our “store”.  This is our 4th year with this wonderful group of women.  They hold a week long retreat every year at Pine Summit Christian Retreat Center.  We shared a few little crafty projects, helped cut out a “Magical Slice and Dice” quilt, and shared our newest pattern “Letty’s Bag”.  A big thank you to Aida for inviting us back year after year.

Now it’s time for me to get ready for a “Meet the Teacher” that SCCQG is having Saturday morning.  I get 1/2 a table to share my brochures and samples and 3 minutes to talk about my lectures and workshops.  I have no problem talking for 45 – 60 minutes but 3 minutes?????, that’s hard.  I think I better practicesmile_sad.



Saturday, October 3, 2009

TWW Fall Retreat

The TWW retreat is in full swing.  We have a wonderful group of 29 women and we are having a terrific time. 

Here’s the room prior to everyone’s arrival.


The tables are all set with their welcome package.  Everything looks so nice, neat and tidy but not any longer.  Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the room in full swing.

Here’s a picture of the featured quilt, I call it Twilight Serenade.  It is inspired by a quilt that first appear in Quiltmaker magazine about 20 years ago. 


Quite a few of these quilts are being made.  Most of them are out of batiks but there are a few others that are going to be gorgeous.  Stay tuned for more picture from the retreat.



Friday, October 2, 2009

Luggage Tags

We thought we had enough for the TWW retreat that starts today………but NO we we’re just a few short.  Luckily they’re fairly quick and easy to make. 


The only hard part is sewing the vinyl.  It wants to stick to the bottom of the pressure foot so you have to constantly keep messing with it.  I have a Teflon foot for my little Janome, I wonder if they make a Teflon foot for my Bernina, that would probably help.

Marilyn and I are heading out this morning to set up prior to everyone arriving.  I’ll try to post over the weekend but no guarantees, I’m going to be busy.



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sue’s Letty’s Bag

My friend Sue Salinger works at Timeless Quilts in Anaheim.  Timeless is a cute little shop located very close to Disneyland.  Sue not only works there, she teaches there and also has her long-arm business there. 

Last night Sue brought a “Letty’s Bag” that she made to our weekly friendship group meeting.  This is a shop/class sample that she just finished.  Isn’t it the cutest thing? 


Here it is so you can see the strap.  She used Bronze grommets. 


Love the inside.  The light color lining and the contrast makes it easy to find things.


Here’s a close-up.  Perfect button!

Sue is a wonderful teacher.  She will be teaching a one-day class for the bag.  Give her a call at  714-520-5304 find out the schedule.

Timeless now carries the pattern if you’re in the area or, of course, you can order it from the Two Wacky Women website.



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