Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day Three - Finished at last

No pictures today. The room still looks pretty much like yesterday but everything is put away. A lot of fabric has been donated and junk has been junked. It's amazing that as I started to put all the UFO's away (had to get them out of John's room) some of them no longer had the appeal that they did when I started. Some of those UFO's have now found their way into the Goodwill pile. I still have to clean off each of my shelves and I need to continue going through my fabric and getting rid of the old and unwanted, but for now I'm done.

Now it's time to get to work and finish some of those UFO's and start some new projects, hopefully I can keep from buying more fabric for a little while. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day Two - Slow but Sure

Well the work is just as hard but the progress is not nearly as noticable. The desk and printer area are cleared, the cutting table is still clean and the top of the cabinets has been relieved of all it's junk. The top of the cabinets look quite different without a laundry basket on top. I've started going through the fabric baskets, getting rid of the fabric I know I will never use.

I need to clean off all the shelves but I don't think I'm going to have time tomorrow. I have to find a place for all my UFO's that are sitting in John's office as well as make more room in the fabric baskets for the fabric that's out in the hall. I think I will put a plan in place to attack one shelf a day. My granddaughter Emily counted the shelves and there are 18. If I do just one a day, I'll be finished before Christmas, so that's my goal.

Onward and upward!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I have a Floor

Well it's hard to believe but I've discovered I actually have a floor in my studio. Who Knew? I've been working all day one of my husband being gone and have made some real progress. I've filled two big green trash bags with trash/junk, I have a box filled with things to donate, a huge pile of UFO's, and a pile of fabric that needs to somehow find it's way into the closet. The top of the cutting table is cleared and half my desk/sewing table is cleared off. I'm going to do just a little more this evening then continue tomorrow morning. Wish me luck for day two!

Confessions of a Quilt Studio Slob

The time has come to attack my total mess of a sewing studio. Believe it or not, the rest of my house is fairly presentable but I am totally out of control in my sewing studio. It's a fairly small room and in order to clean it our right, I need to temporarily spread out into the rest of the house. Since my husband is leaving for a short golf vacation, the time has come. I have 3 days to complete my task. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Life

Welcome to my life. For those that don't know me, I LUV to quilt. I enjoy the entire process. I design, write and publish my own patterns, most of them can be seen at . Along with my partner, Marilyn, I own a business appropriately named Two Wacky Women. We host and facilitate retreats, we vend at a variety of quilt shows and we offer a wide variety of patterns. This is a picture of one of my latest patterns, Magical Slice and Dice.

I have been married to my husband, John, for 26 years. Between us we have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. He loves to play golf and poker while I'm busy with all of my activities. We are both retired from the real world (IBM and Johnson and Johnson) but find ourselves very busy working on my quilting passion. John is the Two Wacky Women accountant/bookeeper and webmaster. He loves to complain but I know he loves doing both.
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