Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday–March 26, 2012

The last several days has been spent hosting a FMQ seminar for 16 delightful women.  France Moore was the guest teacher.  I have participated in the class before but this time Marilyn and I set up our sewing machines in our room and worked on our own quilting.  Last week, while spending time in “The Valley, I picked up this piece of fabric.  So this weekend I practiced my free motion quilting and then started playing with some thread play.


I am having so much fun with it.  Here is a close up of my pebbles in the center.


They sure aren’t perfect but about 100 times better than they were a few weeks ago and I love them.  I’m going to continue to play with various threads on the petals.

Have a great week and click on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times to see what everyone else has on their design wall.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two Wacky Women Retreats

We're having a great time with all the quilters at our Two Wacky Women Retreat. Here's a sneak peek at our group picture.


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Story Quilt 101 with Mary Lou Weidman


As you may or may not know, Mary Lou Weidman will be joining Two Wacky Women for a 5 day retreat this summer.  We are so excited to be able to offer this retreat at a very, very reasonable price.  Today on one of her blogs, Mary Lou shares some pictures and words about Story Quilts.  Here’s the link to her post,

We still have a few openings,so if your interested, head on over to the Two Wacky Women website to read all about it.  We’d love to have you join us.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conejo Valley Quilters Guild

I tried to post this Sunday night but for some reason BlogPress wasn't cooperating with my iPad.

What a fun day I have had. I spent the entire day teaching a workshop for the Conejo Valley Quilters Guild, teaching bags. They had their choice of making a Letty's Bag, Letty's LIttle Bag or a Easy Peasy Grommet Bag. Here are a few of the gals with their bags.

Tomorrow night I'll be presenting my "Making a Difference Through Quilting" lecture at the guild meeting.

Until then.......


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

On the Road Again


I’m just about packed and ready to head to Quilters Studio in Newberry Park to teach a workshop for the Conejo Valley Quilters Guild.  The workshop is tomorrow morning so I’ll be leaving the house at 0:dark o’clock.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t raining.  I’ll be staying a couple of nights and returning home Tuesday morning. 

Monday night is their guild meeting where I’ll be performing my dog and pony show call “Making a Difference Through Quilting”.  As you can see the back of my SUV is pretty much filled.  I’ve expanded from two duffle bags to three.  I’m still taking about the same number of quilts but they’re easier to handle now and not quite as heavy.  That’s the back of my president’s quilt on the right (it will hang during my lecture) and the one in the pillowcase on the left is my friendship groups quilt that we made a few years ago.  It will also hang during my lecture. 

The workshop is their choice of my Letty’s Bag, Letty’s Little Bag or Easy Peasy Grommet Bag.  I’m bring a little extra project for everyone as well as a binding demo, if there’s time. 

I’ll take picture at the workshop tomorrow so that you can see what everyone’s up to. 



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild Visit

The other night I had the privilege of being the guest speaker at the Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild.  They are a wonderful group of women that were very warm and welcoming.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and support. 

During the break, right before I spoke, one of the members came up and showed me her Snippets and Threads that she made using my free tutorial.  Of course I forgot to take a picture of hers but here’s a picture of one of mine that looks just about the same but different.


She’s making a bunch of them to sell in their boutique at their upcoming quilt show, April 21, 2012.

If you’d like to make one for yourself, or as a gift, the link to the tutorial is right over there on the right.  They’re super easy and fast to make. 



Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilt Stencil Holder

Since I got back from attending a free motion quilting retreat last week, I decided to dig out the stencils that I’ve accumulated over the years.  At the retreat I learned to use the stencils as a guild not necessary exactly as they are.  I’m now looking at them in a new and different way.  In the process of pulling them all together I need a way to organize and store what I have so that when I buy new ones I don’t duplicate what I already have. 

After searching the internet I really didn’t come up with anything, other than the big binder rings that you can get at the office supply stores.  As I sat here pondering how I would hang the rings I remember having something similar, many years ago, that was designed to hang belts or scarves in your closet.  So off to Bed, Bath and Beyond I went.  They actually had sever to choose from but this is what I ended up with. 


I stuck a command hook on the wall, organized the stencils and Wa-La, it’s finished. 

Here’s a piece of the packaging, I tore it all up when I got home but you can at least see what it’s meant to be.


Now back to organizing the rest of the room. 



Friday, March 2, 2012

1/4 Inch Publishing

My friend Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli is the owner and talent behind 1/4 Inch Publishing.  She has a extensive line of patterns and books all celebrating her Mexican heritage.  She has a very busy schedule that includes lectures, workshops and vending at many, many shows throughout the year.  She sells both my Letty’s Bag pattern as well as my Easy Peasy Grommet Bag pattern and will have both at the quilt show this weekend in the Palm Springs area.  I just finished an Easy Peasy sample for her and thought you’d like a sneak peak. 

Day of the Dead

And a shot of the inside.

Easy Peasey Inside

Don’t you just love that fun stripe with the Day of the Dead fabric?

If you happen to see Jane at one of her many shows or guild visits, be sure to tell her hello for me.



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