Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilt Stencil Holder

Since I got back from attending a free motion quilting retreat last week, I decided to dig out the stencils that I’ve accumulated over the years.  At the retreat I learned to use the stencils as a guild not necessary exactly as they are.  I’m now looking at them in a new and different way.  In the process of pulling them all together I need a way to organize and store what I have so that when I buy new ones I don’t duplicate what I already have. 

After searching the internet I really didn’t come up with anything, other than the big binder rings that you can get at the office supply stores.  As I sat here pondering how I would hang the rings I remember having something similar, many years ago, that was designed to hang belts or scarves in your closet.  So off to Bed, Bath and Beyond I went.  They actually had sever to choose from but this is what I ended up with. 


I stuck a command hook on the wall, organized the stencils and Wa-La, it’s finished. 

Here’s a piece of the packaging, I tore it all up when I got home but you can at least see what it’s meant to be.


Now back to organizing the rest of the room. 



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