Friday, February 22, 2008

Disappearing Nine Patch

Disappearing Nine Patch

On Sunday I will be heading up the California coast to Cambria for a quilt retreat that Two Wacky Women is facilitating for Frances Moore. As well as hosting our own retreats we also offer to facilitate retreats for other instructors like Frances.

81 Patch????

The focus of this retreat is to learn and/or improve your machine quilting skills. Most of our work is already completed so I am hoping to have time to sew and maybe finally learn to do a decent job of quilting on my sewing machine. I always say I'm a great piecer, a pretty good designer and a really good teacher, but a machine quilter I'm not. I'll let you know in a week if I can change that last one.

So.......I've been going through the supply list and getting things ready to go. She's asked us to bring 8 small quilt sandwiches, two of which are suppose to be pieced. I have already made a nine patch quilt that is made up of nine patches, does that make it a 81 patch? I needed one more when on one of my yahoogroups list someone posted a link to a blog showing a Disappearing Nine Patch. It was much more interesting then anything else I had come up with so I made one tonight to take to the retreat. Here is the link:

Now all I have to do is quilt them.

Wish me luck! Robin

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zippered Screen Bags

I've been a very busy little bee. Two Wacky Women is facilitating a retreat next week for Frances Moore called "Quilting in the Pines" and focuses on machine quilting. Whenever we host a retreat we put together, what I think is a pretty darn nice, welcome package. This time one of the items to be included is a zippered bag made from pet screen.

As with so many things, the first one took a while but then I set up a little assembly line and put the rest of them together. Each is slightly different so you can tell them apart.

This is a fairly small group so I should have time to participate in the class. I have never been comfortable quilting on my regular sewing machine so this should be good for me. I need to do my prep work so I'll be all ready to go next week. I keep telling Frances, if she can teach me to machine quilt, she can teach anyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not Just Another Note Pad

Periodically we offer a free pattern on the Two Wacky Women website. I just had my husband John (the TWW webmaster) change out the previous pattern to "Not Just Another Note Pad". There is a button on the home page called "Free Pattern" (isn't that clever), just click on it and it will open a PDF file with the complete instructions. I have found that you really want a spiral notebook with a heavy cover on it. So far, Staples own brand is the best.

Two of my favorites

As you can see the inside looks nice also.

Enjoy, Robin

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Charlotte's Web

One of my best friends and her husband, Rob and Keith Kilmer, adopted a baby girl just 3 weeks ago. She's the cutest little thing with a big name Charlotte Marie Kilmer.

Here I am holding Charlotte.......

I knew right away I wanted to make her a special quilt. While at Road to California I came accross a kit that had the perfect fabric in it. It contained a variety of fat quarters along with a few larger pieces of Benartex "Paris Cats" (Charlotte's Mom, Rob, always says she hates cats but I love cats and I'm sure Charlotte will grow up loving cats also, in spite of her Mother's bad infuence). So......I had the fabric but didn't like the pattern that came with it. So I run through many ideas and finally in the middle of the night (isn't that the way it always is), I came up with my own new pattern that I am calling "Charlotte's Web). It's not a traditional baby quilt but more a girl quilt that she can use now as well as latter.

Here's the finished quilt along with a close up of one of the blocks.

I've started working on the pattern and will be making a second quilt in the process. It will probably be a few weeks before it's ready for publications but let me know if your interested. I could use a pattern tester.

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