Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not Just Another Note Pad

Periodically we offer a free pattern on the Two Wacky Women website. I just had my husband John (the TWW webmaster) change out the previous pattern to "Not Just Another Note Pad". There is a button on the home page called "Free Pattern" (isn't that clever), just click on it and it will open a PDF file with the complete instructions. I have found that you really want a spiral notebook with a heavy cover on it. So far, Staples own brand is the best.

Two of my favorites

As you can see the inside looks nice also.

Enjoy, Robin

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  1. Hi, I am trying this pattern and am just a smidgeon confused. At the end you fold each side to the middle then I am thinking you then flip it over and sew the last piece (lining) on? I think I am right but guess I can try and if not that is what they make those tools for sewing backwards. Hey besides all that love your blog. Thanks, DonnaRae


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