Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zippered Screen Bags

I've been a very busy little bee. Two Wacky Women is facilitating a retreat next week for Frances Moore called "Quilting in the Pines" and focuses on machine quilting. Whenever we host a retreat we put together, what I think is a pretty darn nice, welcome package. This time one of the items to be included is a zippered bag made from pet screen.

As with so many things, the first one took a while but then I set up a little assembly line and put the rest of them together. Each is slightly different so you can tell them apart.

This is a fairly small group so I should have time to participate in the class. I have never been comfortable quilting on my regular sewing machine so this should be good for me. I need to do my prep work so I'll be all ready to go next week. I keep telling Frances, if she can teach me to machine quilt, she can teach anyone.

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