Saturday, March 17, 2012

On the Road Again


I’m just about packed and ready to head to Quilters Studio in Newberry Park to teach a workshop for the Conejo Valley Quilters Guild.  The workshop is tomorrow morning so I’ll be leaving the house at 0:dark o’clock.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t raining.  I’ll be staying a couple of nights and returning home Tuesday morning. 

Monday night is their guild meeting where I’ll be performing my dog and pony show call “Making a Difference Through Quilting”.  As you can see the back of my SUV is pretty much filled.  I’ve expanded from two duffle bags to three.  I’m still taking about the same number of quilts but they’re easier to handle now and not quite as heavy.  That’s the back of my president’s quilt on the right (it will hang during my lecture) and the one in the pillowcase on the left is my friendship groups quilt that we made a few years ago.  It will also hang during my lecture. 

The workshop is their choice of my Letty’s Bag, Letty’s Little Bag or Easy Peasy Grommet Bag.  I’m bring a little extra project for everyone as well as a binding demo, if there’s time. 

I’ll take picture at the workshop tomorrow so that you can see what everyone’s up to. 



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