Saturday, October 3, 2009

TWW Fall Retreat

The TWW retreat is in full swing.  We have a wonderful group of 29 women and we are having a terrific time. 

Here’s the room prior to everyone’s arrival.


The tables are all set with their welcome package.  Everything looks so nice, neat and tidy but not any longer.  Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the room in full swing.

Here’s a picture of the featured quilt, I call it Twilight Serenade.  It is inspired by a quilt that first appear in Quiltmaker magazine about 20 years ago. 


Quite a few of these quilts are being made.  Most of them are out of batiks but there are a few others that are going to be gorgeous.  Stay tuned for more picture from the retreat.



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  1. Robin I love "Twilight". Very beautiful...god work, as usual.


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