Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet the Teacher

Here in Southern California we have the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds and once or twice a year they have a “Meet the Teacher” meeting.  It’s a great opportunity for the various guild representative to come together and meet many of the local quilt designers and teachers. 

This morning I drove out to Hemet, CA about 1 1/2 hour from my home to distribute my brochure and do a 3 minute talk.  As I told them this morning, I can easily talk for an hour but 3 minutes is really hard.  You barely have a chance to give your name and a few (and I do mean few) details about yourself, your lecture and your workshop. 

Each teacher is given one half a table to use to show a few things, distribute brochures, business cards and chat with the various guild reps. 

Here’s a picture of my little corner of the world.


Typically people collect brochures and business cards and then contact you later.  But today I actually received several offers to lecture and teach next year.  I’m thrilled with the response to my very quick 3 minutes in the spotlight. 




  1. Congratulations! I know you are a great teacher and it is exciting to see you expand that role.


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