Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Something From the Smithsonian

As many of you know my husband John and I are on vacation.  We are currently in Washington D.C. and doing all the touristy things.  I have a vacation Blog if you’d like to follow along. 

In the mean time I found something I thought crafters and quilters would like to see.  We’ve come along way baby!  I can’t imagine doing all the sewing we do today on one of these old Singer machines.

Picture 040

Picture 038

Today and tomorrow we will be visiting a few more Smithsonian museums.  I believe tomorrow’s visit will include quilts.  I sure hope so, I need a quilt fix. 

We’re staying in the city and as far as I know, there isn’t a quilt shop in the area.  We don’t have a rental car, we’re relying on walking and the Metro.  If anyone knows of a shop in the city, please let me know, maybe we could fit a quick visit in.



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