Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sewing Party and Letty’s Bag

One of my favorite quilt shops is Sewing Party in Laguna Hills, CA.  Here’s a link to their website www.sewingparty.com but it’s so much better in person.  I was down there last month and they had a quilt completely made out of voile fabric that I really wanted to make.  They were out of it at the time but they called the other day and it was back in stock, so off I went this afternoon. 

As I wandered around the shop I came across a sample of my Letty’s Bag.  This may just be the most fabulous Letty’s Bag sample I have ever seen.  Check it out.



The yo-yo’s are sewn on to the outside pocket.  Isn’t it just about the cutes bag ever????  I just love it and want one of my very own.  Can you see my pattern tucked along side the bag?  I think I just may have to make one just like it. 

If you visit, say hi to Cecile for me. 




  1. Oh my! It is the cutest bag ever! I want one like it.

  2. Love this!!! Might have to do this myself!!!! :)

  3. Great Letty's Bag. Love it.



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