Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Finish–For the Love of Margie

Yesterday I managed to complete the quilting and last night I put the last stitch in the binding.  I’ve decided to name it “For the Love of Margie”. 


This was a quilt top that was machine appliqued by my friend Margie.  After she suddenly passed away from a massive stroke, members of our friendship group went through all of her quilting things.  This was a top that had been completed but needed to be quilted and bound.  I brought it home with me to finish and then donate to my quilt guild so that it can be auctioned at our quilt show later this year. 

I just may have to bid on it and bring it back home with me.  It’s a great memory of this wonderful friend.

I miss you Margie.




  1. It really turned out great Robin. Margie must be smiling.

  2. You did a great job. I can understand if you decide to bid on it. It will be a wonderful memory of Margie for whoever gets it.


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