Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday–January 7, 2013

Not exactly a design wall but I thought I’d share with you my 2013, take along hand project.  This is the front of the box that contains precut hexagons and detailed assembly directions.  


Here’s the contents all spread out on my living room floor. IMG_5439

I knew right away that I would have to reorganize all those little baggies into rows so that I could easily take the project with me.  That took way longer than I though but I managed to get it finished.  I did find one error on the paperwork but everything is good now.  If you purchased this kit, give me a shout out and I’ll send you the minor correction (it will save you some time and frustration).  Here they are all organized into little baggies labeled with the row number. 


Don’t you love my Vera Bradley makeup case that I’m using to keep things contained while I travel.


Head on over to Judy’s Patchwork Times to see what other are up to. 




  1. I wish to heaven you people would stop posting stuff about these hexagon quilts cause it's driving me absolutely crazy! I think I want to do one. Oh no. I will never finish it. Where did you get this kit? Love the fabrics. Have you done one before?

  2. Heaven help me, I just ordered it. Why didn't you stop me!?

  3. I got mine from Fabricworm. Keepsake was sold out, but the price was the same. I can't believe I just did this. I need to be hand quilting. What have I done????

  4. How big will you Hex on the Beach quilt be when done. Looks like lots of fun!!!!

  5. did't know where else to post this so.... thank you for the magic wallet video. I made three for some of the dgc who needed some cash to add to their Christmas presents. All the kiddos loved them so I will be making magic wallets for Valentines Day for them. They just think the wallets are the best. Great way to add some fun to cash gifting. Susan VH

  6. What a beautiful quilt this is going to be! And I love the name of it too! LOL

  7. Hey, Robin...see from the blog you are having fun in NYC. What a great place to spend time! Love it! Haven't been in about 3 years and ready to go back and do some theater. Anyway, where did you get your small bags for the hexes? Would be easier than sandwich bags by a long shot!

    Have fun!

  8. Tula Pink?? Is this one for me??!!??PLEASE!!??


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