Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fabric Card Wallet–A Free Tutorial


As promised here is the link to the free “Fabric Card Wallet” tutorial.  The tutorial is about half way down the tutorial page .  For some reason it doesn’t seem to open for me using Firefox as my browser but it opens just fine in Internet Explorer.  If anyone knows why, please send me a message and let me know how to fix it. 

OK, back to the tutorial.  Here is something that is not in the tutorial.  After you read the directions, you will see that I typically use fusible Velcro but I know some people either don’t have it or don’t like it.  If you’d like to use sew-in Velcro you need to do it before you start the project.  Here’s the placement guideline.  On the “right” side of the fabric and from End 1 measure 9” and attach the Velcro.  Again on the “right” side of the fabric and from End 2, measure 1 1/4” and attach the other side of the Velcro.  Now turn you fabric over and start the folding, pressing and sewing to create your card wallet.

Velcro Placement

Here’s is a JPEG of the tutorial but once again I suggest for a PDF you head on over to my website and then from there click on the Tutorial button on the left. 

Fabric Card Wallet

I think I mentioned yesterday this is a really, really quick project.  I tell people that it takes about 5 minutes (unless you have to heat up your iron and turn on your sewing machine, in that case it will take a few minutes longer). 



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