Friday, January 18, 2013

1 1/2” Strips

I used to have a bunch of 1 1/2” strips all stacked up in a box but I never used them.  So several years ago a friend of mine commented that she didn’t have a stash so I gave a bunch of stuff to her, including my 1 1/2” strips.  No problem, I really haven’t missed them…….that is until now. 

Next week starts the Road to California quilt show and classes.  If you haven’t been to it or heard of it, it’s one of the largest quilt shows on the west coast.  I go every year along with others from my friendship group “The Wednesday Wacko’s and we have a great time.  We usually stay several nights in a nearby hotel, take classes and wander the quilt show.

I don’t need a darn thing and probably don’t need to take a class but I love to take classes from someone “special”.  I have heard good things about Anita Grossman  Solomon for quite some time and this is her first trip to Road so it was an easy decision to take a class from her.  I am taking a class called Mitered Log Cabin and after reading the supply list I discoverED that I need 1 1/2” strips.  So guess what I’m doing…………cutting 1 1/2” strips and sub-cutting them into 8” lengths.  I’m just now getting started.


As you can see mine will be very scrappy.



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  1. isn't that the way it always goes, we can keep fabrics for years & as soon as we let go we need it lol!but it's good to bless others when we can & your quilt be be beautiful! happy cutting!


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