Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jelly Roll Races–Part 3

The other day I showed you some jelly rolls that I was planning on using to make a Jelly Roll Race Quilt.  (You can see them here.)

Today after Marilyn and I got everything set-up and rolling at the Two Wacky Women Machine Quilt Retreat (more about that next week) we decided to make Jelly Roll Races quilt tops.  I don’t have a picture of Marilyn’s but here’s mine.


OK, so it’s not the best picture, it was taken laying on the couch in my hotel room with very poor lighting.  But it was easy, a lot of fun and it will make a great charity quilt once it’s quilted. 

To see the YouTube video showing a “real” Jelly Roll Race, check out the link below.

Jelly Roll Race




  1. Oh....I so love a challenge and this looks so fun to be in a group of women racing around....awesome.

    Can't wait to hear about your retreat. I need to check on tickets to California....

  2. Robin,
    That is gorgeous! Awesome! just loved the for the finish.



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