Sunday, March 27, 2011

Logo Quilt–Progress is being made

On Friday I bought the 9 fat quarters to make a scrappy background for my Logo Quilt.  Yesterday morning I decided I might as well get started so I unfolded and ironed the fat quarters and started cutting out 10” squares.   I just kept plugging away and looky look I not only finished the center of the quilt, I added the borders and even started quilting it. 


I still have to quilt the borders but I decided I needed to wait until today, I was way too tired to continue.  After the quilting is finished, I will go ahead and bind it and then add the logo using fusible bias tape.

Here’s a picture of the quilt with the logo just pinned to the front.  I was checking for size and I think this is about right. 


I see a couple of challenges.  First is how am I going to get the markings on the quilt so that I know where to put the fusible bias tape?  You’d think I would have thought of that before now but somehow I didn’t.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out but I sure didn’t make it easy.  Second, how am I going to make the breast red?  I’m going to use fabric, I think, but I’m still puzzling over that one.   I wonder if a red marker would work?  Any thoughts?  Suggestions are welcome. 

Don’t forget, the family is voting on the name for my new quilt tonight.  If you haven’t made you suggestion yet.  You can go to this blog post and see the quilt as well as the choice of prizes.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday.




  1. are just going to town on this quilt. As for the Red, there are fabric paints, crayons....lots of stuff...but I don't need to tell you that....this is so cute.

  2. you could print this super imposed onto transfer paper then iron it?!? Idea


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