Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just One Star

This morning as I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee and catching up with some of the Blogs I follow, I was inspired when I read my friend Barb’s Bejeweled Quilts Blog.  She posted pictures of two blocks that she made for the Just One Star can comfort a soldier effort that Moda is organizing.  

The challenge Moda has presented is to piece, quilt and bind 100 quilts in 100 days.  The deadline for sending in blocks isn’t until May 1, 2011 but the way I procrastinate if I don’t do it while it is fresh on my mind, the time will get away from me and I won’t do it.   So after going to lunch with my hubby, I was determined to make two blocks for the cause. 



They asked for either red or blue stars so I figured I might as well make one of each.  They are simple enough and the least I can do.  They’re going out in the mail tomorrow. 

Have you made one?  I challenge each of you to make at least one and send it in.  As the saying goes – “many hands make light work”.  (I got that off the “Just One Star” PDF form. 

Thank you Barb for inspiring me. 




  1. I need to go in and get mine done.

  2. Oh...I love your stars.....you are the one that inspires me.....


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