Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Working my Logo Quilt

I’ve received many suggestions about how to add the color to my logo on my logo quilt that I’m making.  Everything from paint, fabric, wool and colored pencils.  Yesterday I was looking for some kind of resist to outline the area so that if I used paint it wouldn’t spread to the surrounding areas.  They didn’t have anything like that but while there I had a light bulb moment and thought of chalk.  All they had were sets of chalk and all I needed was red so I left thinking I would go to the “real” art supply store and buy red chalk to try.

On the way home I remembered that in one of my past lives I made note cards and I vaguely remembered buy a set of chalk at a craft show.  Sure enough when I got home I found this (who knows how old it is). 



And look at all the pretty colors.


You can tell, I didn’t exactly use them very much.  Embarrassed smile

So now for the testing. 

Here is the chalk rubbed on a piece of white fabric.


The top one is the red from the box and the bottom is a regular old piece of pink chalk.  Obviously since it’s chalk it rubs off.  Luckily Marilyn had bought a can of fixation. 


She bought it to go over a acrylic painting her granddaughter did for her but lucky for me the one she bought didn’t say anything about acrylic paint but it sound just right for my project.  I sprayed the surface several time with just a light spray, letting it dry in between.  It looked good but I decided to throw it in the washing machine on warm with a little detergent and then in the dryer.  Check out the results.


It’s perfect and I think will give the exact look I was looking for.  The only negative is that the surface is now a little rough and ever so slightly stiff.  But the color remains exactly the same and the fixative didn’t discolor the fabric.  This is a wall hanging so the fact that it is a little rough to the touch is not biggy but it probably wouldn’t be great for a cuddle quilt.

I also tried crayons.   I tried several colors on the same white fabric.  I then heat set them and threw it in the washing machine.  The results were disappointing.  It really faded, a lot.  I didn’t try spraying with the fixative but I’m pretty sure that would solve the problem.

Here’s the before and after.



I’m sticking with the chalk. 



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