Sunday, March 20, 2011

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Believe it or not I’m pretty good with numbers and math has always been a strong point of mine.  So yesterday I was playing around with the idea of how to use the Jelly Roll Race method to make a smaller baby quilt.  I did all the calculations and figured out exactly how to do it.  After digging around in my stash I found three flannels that were perfect for a baby quilt.  I knew that three wouldn’t give me much variety but I figured it would still look cute and someone would love it.  So this morning I cut up some strips, set the timer and started sewing.  Here it is.


I wonder if there is a verrrrry looooong, skinnnnnnny baby out there that this would work for.  I think not!  When I did the math again today, this is exactly what I came up with and had I done my math correctly yesterday I wouldn’t have made this, that’s for sure.

Oh well, I still have some fabric so I’ll add some side borders and make it work but I’d sure like to know where my head was yesterday. 




  1. Your math may not have worked out as planned but the quilt still looks cute.

  2. Oh, Robin, that's so funny and sooooo true! I've done that crocheting. I'm convinced I have the numbers correct, and then find I've got something way too big for my purpose! The quilt looks nice, and after you add to it, it will be as beautiful as you'd hoped, I'm sure!


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