Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday–3/21/11 and Name the Quilt Contest

This is what’s up on my design wall today…..


But it will turn in to something like this, hopefully by later this week.


This is a quilt I made several years ago while in Las Vegas with my sister Melinda.  I’ve been asked many time if I would write a pattern and until now I haven’t done it.  But the time has come and the pattern is in the works.  Obviously the  original one was made with fruit and vegetable fabrics, where as the current one is being made with a Moda layer cake called Boutique by Chez Moi. 

Now for the contest.  I am the worlds worst at naming patterns so I need help.  Please I really need help.  Leave me a comment with your suggestion.  I will solicit the help of my family in the selection process.  If I use the name you suggest, you will get to pick from one of these two great prizes.  Now isn’t that worth suggesting a pattern name?



On the left is a package of Bali Pops (strawberry fields) by Hoffman or this stack of fat quarters (Where the Boyz Are by Mary Lou Weidman) from Benartez. 

International suggestions are welcomed, I will ship wherever the winner lives.  I will decide by next weekend and announce it right here, same time, same place.  Don’t forget I need to know how to get ahold of you so make sure I have your email address. 

Thanks for your help.  To see what others are up to on Design Wall Monday, check out Judy’s Blog




  1. Through the Window Pane. Lovely design.

  2. Remember Me
    (A shortened version of the old sampler text: When This You See, Remember Me.")

  3. Neighborhoood Garden

    Brandy Young

  4. Mosaic Garden comes to my mind. I enjoy your blog and your sister's. Creativity is definitely in the genes! If you choose mine email me at I may be a no reply blogger and don't know how to fix it.LOL!

  5. I Love Love Love that pattern. I would call it " What's in your garden".....can't wait for the pattern

  6. I wouldn't want to limit it to garden themes. How about Playground Four Square.

  7. How about Quarter Sections. Definitely a farming/gardening feel.

  8. 'Window on my world'. That way any fabric choice would work...whatever the theme.

  9. How about something with "fence", like "Don't fence me in" or "Sitting on the fence"?!?

  10. I'd call it Basket of Spring. Give my best to Melinda.

  11. I love the way the pattern has each fabric cut into 4 pieces and then 4 different fabrics in each 'window', so I would name it "Four by Four". Nice pattern. I really like it!

  12. I'm not so good with names either. Maybe Four Square or Behind the Trellis? Told you I'm not so good at this! LOL

  13. I think it looks like "Woven Together Always", or "Together, Always Woven".

  14. Flying over the Farm!
    It is beautiful


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