Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilting Retreat Memento and Last Minute opening for April Retreat

Marilyn and I  try really hard to put together a welcome package that people will like.  We always have a tote bag that we put lots of goodies in.  This year we’ve decided to also give our customers a cute little Pin with a charm representing the retreat they attend.  We kicked off our Pin/charm give-away last weekend.  Here’s what your pin would look like if you attended all five Two Wacky Women 2011 retreats (so far Marilyn and I are the only ones that will be at each retreat Winking smile).


The first time you attend you get the pin and the charm associated with that retreat.  After that you get a separating bead and another charm.  Everyone that was at the Machine Quilting Retreat last week got a pin, and the green spool of thread.  The plan (always subject to change) is the tomato pincushion for April, the thimble for June, the rotary cutter for the Sept/Oct and the log cabin block for the October retreat. 

BTW, we just had a last minute cancelation for the April retreat which had previously been sold out for about a year.  We now have room for 2 more quilters.  If you’re interested call or email me. 



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  1. You both are so clever, I would want to come just so I would get the charms each time......well..there are other reasons but that is such an enticement.


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