Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wacko Christmas Gifts

Wacko you say?  What’s a Wacko gift for that matter what’s a Wacko?  For those that don’t know, I belong to a wonderful friendship group and we lovingly call ourselves the Wednesday Wacko’s.  Each year we have our annual Christmas get-to-gather and  this year it was at my friend Linda’s house.  We had a great evening of eating, a little wine and a gift exchange.  Unfortunately since I took so long to write this post, some of the gifts have been put away with the Christmas decorations but I’ll show you what I can still photograph.


This is a beautiful and delicate pincushion made from an old handkerchief.   Thank you Marilyn.


This darling little zipper bag was made by my friend Pat B.


Susan made us each a gorgeous bias cut, tube scarf, out of a wonderful soft, slinky fabric.  


Sue made this great bag.  It’s a really nice size that will hold all kinds of things. 


Our hostess, Linda made each of us a little Chinese takeout box.   Notice mine has flip-flops on it, she knows me well. 


Pam made us each a wonderful table topper along with this darling pincushion.  Unfortunately the table topper is packed away, sorry.

I know I’ve left out several other gifts but unfortunately I didn’t get pictures.  Pat M. Margie, Rob, Terri, I love you all, next year I’ll try to do a better job. 




  1. What a fun group and wonderful gifts....

  2. as always, what amazing gifts you all make each other...makes me smile! ;)

    ~ Kathy

  3. Yes, we have a great group of quilty friends.

  4. I think your group is wonderful and all the gifts are delightful. But I did have an Aunt, that as a child each of my siblings would wonder who would get the "wacko" gift, as each year one of us would get something very bizarre. A sister received a leather pouch w/zipper when she was a pre-teen, I received a doll as a late teen. But admittedly, as I grew older, I realized how hard it was for a remote aunt to buy gifts for others. So, things do go full circle. Wacko gifts can be fun. But any gift is a gift to be treasured when it is from a friend.



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