Friday, January 21, 2011

Letty’s Bag Sighting

I am at Road to California this week attending classes, shopping and just wondering around having a great time.  It’s so much fun running in to people you know and running in to new people. 

As I was waking the floor yesterday these two gals saw my laminated cotton, Tula Pink, Letty’s Bag and stopped me to ask if I made it.  I told them yes, of course.  Well, they were so excited to show me their bags. 


Aren’t they cute?  Both the bags and the girls.  The one on the left is made out of Pendleton Wool and lined with Dubioni  Silk.   The one on the right had a wonderful fabric flower instead of a button. 

The show is wonderful.  I’ll give an update at a later time.




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