Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Texas Braid

Yesterday’s post I showed you a picture of the Texas Braid that I am working on.  Today I thought I’d share pictures of Bonnie Hunter’s quilt and some of the braids that other people in the class were working on.



This is Bonnie’s quilt.  It’s huge.  It fits her king size bed and in fact she took it off her bed to bring it with her for the class.  Apparently her husband was at home and was really missing it.  She never said but I hope she but another quilt on the bed since they live in No. Carolina and it’s “cold” there. 





Here’s a close –up of her Texas Braid.  She used a huge amount of scraps to make it.  She emphasized the fact that she chose a solid red (instead of a print) for the cornerstone.   She didn’t use any reds in the braid but did use some burgundy and of course every other color under the sun.  It’s just lovely!






This is my friend Terri’s on the left, Marilyn’s in the middle and Pat’s on the right. 

Bless her heart Terri really did a great job of going into her stash to make her braid. 

Marilyn cheated (like me) and used a fat quarter tower for her dark side (but it’s going to be gorgeous). 

Pat did a great job of pulling from her stash, using blacks with white and whites with black, and a variety of brights for the cornerstones. 




Here’s Pam’s, entirely made from polka-dots.


Bonnie is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to take a class from.  She was a real delight. 


All I can say is, Bonnie must be really, really tall because surely I can’t be that short. 




  1. I really like Pat's braid as well as Pam's. Bonnie really is that tall and you really are that short. I am glad you had a good time with her. My scrappy bargello I made in a class with her is on my list of UFO's to complete this year.

  2. i love the braids quilt.....nice

  3. Beautiful.

    I so wish I was in this workshop with you. I'm truly wondering how these braids get sewn together. Part of me can visualize, but I'm still curious how you will do it. Tips are probably in some agreement that you share and you get shot. Either way, I hope to take this class next time.


  4. I don't think I have enough life in me to do this! OMG..I don't have that many little scraps. I do love this when I see it! I like people who keep all their scraps...I just don't do it.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time! Love all the pretty braids you showed us!

  6. Looks like a fun class. You're a lucky duck to take a class from Bonnie. I really would like to make that Texas Braid... All those pictures are very inspiring.

  7. I can't get my mind around how you sew this without making a rectangle out of the braid first. Since I live in Texas, unlikely I will be able to attend the workshop, which I would love to do. Can anyone help with a hint?

  8. I cannot get my mind aroud how to sew the braids together without cutting them into a rectangle first. would love to attend the workshop but live in Texas so that is unlikely. Any hints from anyone?????


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