Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some People Collect Stamps, I collect Irons

So maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but I do love a good iron.   Recently my beloved Rowenta decided to turn off for the last time.  I’ve heard reports of Rowenta’s leaking but I’ve never had that problem.  Mine just decided to quit, never to work again.  So what’s a person to do, well head to Costco of course and buy a new one.


It [pretty and it works really well but I have a problem seeing the water level and water is important to me, I love steam.   But it’s a great iron and really, I wasn’t in the market for a new one.  I had some time to kill and wondered in to a Big Lot’s (a super duper discount chain) and sitting there calling my name was this little beauty.



They called it a classic and I just fell in love the looks of it.  BTW, who buys an iron based on looks?  Am I a little strange?  Oh well, I bought it for about $10.00 to $15.00 and brought it home, opened the box, poured some water in, turned it up full blast and……….fell in love for more than it’s good looks.  Not only can I see the water level, it gets really, really hot and steams beautifully.

As you can see the Rowenta is a little larger and although it’s a great iron, it’s going to spend sometime in the closet while I enjoy my Hamilton Beach.  





  1. Irons are so important for good sewing. I would hate to count how many I have killed in my lifetime. Sad thing mom still uses her original iron.

  2. I love the one you got a Big Lots. I have not had good luck with the Rowenta, I tried three and went back the Black and Decker


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