Monday, January 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday–1/3/11

This week my design wall is my cutting table.  I really need to get around to putting my design wall back up, but in the mean time the cutting table will do.  I wish I had something more exciting to show but this is the best I can do this week,



My husband and I are headed to New York soon so this fabric is out so that I can make some Click-it bags for his nieces.  I bought this fabric quite awhile ago from City Quilter in New York City.  Isn’t it fun?

And isn’t this exciting?


My husband and I consider ourselves to be of “normal height” but apparently the clothing manufactures don’t think so.   They just don’t make pants short enough.  Am I the only one that hates to shorten jeans?  This sounds terrible but I usually take them to the cleaners and have them do it, but time is of the essence so I have to break down and do it myself today.  Yuk, I’d rather be quilting. 

Hopefully next week I’ll have something better to share.  Head on over to Judy’s Blog and see if anyone is doing anything more exciting, I suspect they are. 




  1. LOL..I actually HAVE this fabric and I think I did make a Letty's Bag out of the NYC fabric...I've got so many started or in progress I can't remember...I'll have to check tonight and send you a photo...

    ~ Kathy

    ps--YES, I'm totally out of control, but hoping to get a grip on my sewing in the next week....

  2. Love that New York fabric. Click-It Bags will be the perfect gift. Still raining here, in and out. ;-(

  3. I HATE hemming jeans. I am five foot even and wear cowboy boots every days so I don't have to hem (longer is good with boots) LOL

  4. I use a walking foot for jeans. It saves $13.00 they ask for at the cleaners here in Canada.

  5. I detest hemming jeans...I'd much rather be quilting :)

  6. Yuck is right. Have a great trip!


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