Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli

Thursday night was my guild meeting.  A good friend, Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli of Quarter Inch Publishing was our guest speaker.


Not only is she cute, she’s as sweet as she can be.  Jane and I go way back.  I originally met her many, many years ago while she was vending at a quilt show.  She has an entire line of children’s books that are bilingual and always have a quilt theme.  At the end of each book, there is a pattern for the book title.  I have made several of these as gifts for children and always include a copy of her book that she has kindly autographed.  One of the quilts, The Piñata Quilt, lives in Sweden with my great niece Hanna.  But the best one was a quilt made by my sister, Melinda and I, The Tamale Quilt.   Melinda did the piecing and I did the applique (I know you’re shocked but I actually can do some hand applique).  The Tamale Quilt was made for my niece Christina and her husband Paolo as their wedding quilt.  It hung at her wedding and now hangs in their home in San Francisco. 

This is Jane’s Tamale Quilt…..


And here’s Crisy and Paolo’s quilt hanging at the top of the stairs in their new home.

Crisy Tamale Quilt

To this day, I still haven’t figured out how my sister got the job of piecing and I got the job of appliquéing.  I think she got the better end of the deal.  Oh well, it came out great. 

Back to Janey, if you ever get a chance to meet her, attend a lecture and workshop, or better yet book her for your guild you won’t be sorry.  You will love it, she does it all, piecing, hand applique, quilting, she is one talented lady. 

I didn’t get very  many pictures of her trunk show but here are a few.  BTW that’s Jane in the first picture with one of her gorgeous coats on.  

IMG_2663 IMG_2664
IMG_2665 IMG_2666

She showed a gazillion quilts but sadly I only have these 4 pictures.  Visit her website to see more.  




  1. Just wonderful quilts....and yours is lovely. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. How wonderful Robin!
    You and your sister did a great job!


  3. It was a fun quilt and looks great in their new house. As I remember, you wanted to do the applique. Perhaps you are not the smarter sister!

  4. It's so nice you and your sister share the same hoppy. Great job. Jane was a fun speaker the other night, I really enjoyed her..and bought all six of her childrens book.


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