Monday, November 23, 2009

What’s on my Design Wall – 11/23/09

While on on Holiday Quilt Shop Hop on Friday, I was able to show of my “Letty’s Bag” pattern and as a result received orders.  Calico House had contacted me prior to the Hop about carrying my patterns.  While there I agreed to make a shop sample for them. 

The bag goes together very fast (especially after making quite a few).  So I was happy to volunteer to make their sample.  Here are the fabrics they chose.

Cozy Cottage Sample

The fun part of this is that I’ll be making it out of fabrics that I wouldn’t typically work with. 

Unfortunately, I hurt my back on Saturday so that’s put a kink in my sewing but hopefully I’ll be able to make the bag tomorrow.  I’ll post a picture when it’s completed. 

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  1. I almost missed this, as your link from Patchwork times takes us to a post in September.

  2. Oh Robin..Hope your back gets better! Rest up..can't wait to see the newest bag creation! ;-)

    ~ Kathy & Charlie too!

  3. Love those fabrics Robin, hope your back improves so you can sew,
    Diana (a friend of Marilyn's from Oz)

  4. I love those fabric's!! It will make a really cute LLB


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