Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wait Until You See This

Kathy Cina, is a friend of my daughter-in-law Maureen and Kathy and I have become Blogging friends.  She has a Blog called All About Charlie Cina.  Charlie is Kathy’s daughter and is one of the cutest little girls you’ve seen. 

When I was in Oregon a while back I gave Maureen a copy of my “Letty’s Bag” pattern.  We also showed my sample to the local quilt shop, Sharon’s Attic in Hillsboro, OR.  Sharon ordered a supply of my patterns, made a sample and is now teaching a “Letty’s Bag” class.  When Kathy saw Maureen’s completed bag she decided to take the class at Sharon’s. 

Yesterday Kathy posted pictures of her completed bag.  Here’s just one picture I borrowed from her blog but you can see the rest of the pictures at


Isn’t it wonderful?  I just love it! 

Thank you Kathy for sharing your pictures.  I’m glad you had fun and like the pattern.



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