Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mennonite Quilt

Close-up of hand quilting.  You should be able to click on it to make it larger.  Read further for the story.closeup

Recently my husband John and I went on vacation.  We went to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Amish Country and New York City and Brooklyn.  I blogged about our trip everyday on our vacation blog.

Prior to our trip I had hoped to purchase a quilt while we were in the Amish Country.  One day while in Philadelphia we rented a car and drove to Intercourse, PA at the recommendation of my friend Linda.  She recommended that we visit The Old Country Store as well as Zooks

Here I am out side right before we went inside. 

DC10202009 002

They had many, many quilts as well as fabric for sale.  They had everything from traditional Amish quilts to beautiful appliqué quilts. 

DC10202009 006

My first time through I was overwhelmed and nothing jumped out at me.  After visiting a few other stores we went back and this time I found exactly what I was looking for (although I didn’t start out knowing what I was looking for). 

Finally, peeking out from one of the many quilt racks was this, a beautiful Wedding Ring quilt.  And, needless to say it had my name written all over it. 

Meninite Quilt

One of the things I often say when someone asks if I made something is, “No, but I could have”.  Well I guess I could have made this quilt, but I sure as heck couldn’t have done all the hand quilting on it.  It is just wonderful.  Here’s another close look at the quilting.

med closeup

My plan was to make pillow shams using the background fabric which is a Moda Marble.  I found the fabric and made the shams.


They look OK, I actually like the way they fit and how they turned out………but when I put them on the bed they just didn’t work at all.  Oh well, I put them on the guest bed behind the shams that belong in that room so they’re kind of hidden. 

Since the Wedding Ring quilt is so large, I’m actually able to put it on the bed the old fashioned way with the pillows tucked under at the top.  I haven’t done that in a very long time but I think in this case it works. 

Here’s one more picture from a different angle.


The quilt is was actually made by a Mennonite women.  I’m sure she made it just for me.  I’m a lucky girl!




  1. Wow! You are a lucky girl. That is a beautiful quilt and also one neither of us would ever make. It looks great on your bed.

  2. what a nice memory of a trip!! It's beautiful!

  3. You are right, it was made just for you:) It's absolutely beautiful. Going to Amish country is on my bucket list too.

  4. So pretty! We visited Lancaster a few years ago and I was on the lookout for a quilt too -- I ended up with an antique one that I love but it's not Amish.


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