Thursday, November 12, 2009

“A” is for Amy Butler

Back on October 30th, I Blogged about my friendship group and our Christmas in July, August, September and finally October.  And then on November 2nd I Blogged about my To-Do List.   The idea was to give a gift spelling out Christmas. 

I drew my friend Rob’s name and she is a huge Amy Butler fan.  For the “A” I gave her 4 half yards of Amy Butler fabric and a “Letty’s Bag” pattern.  Rob is a young, active, mother of 2 children under the age of 3 so the chances of her finding time to make the bag within the next 10 – 15 years was slim to none.  I told her if she left the fabric, I’d make the bag for her.  Well it took her all of about 1 second to put the fabric on my mantle so that I would make her bag.

So here’s the end result.

Robs Bag

And the inside with all it’s pockets.

inside Robs bag

I love the light colors on the inside so that you can find things. 

Today I’m “doing” lunch with Rob and Marilyn (two of my favorite peeps).  I’ll get Rob to pose for a picture with her new bag.




  1. That turned out so cute. Rob is going to love it!!!

  2. Rob will be so happy, it turned out great! Good job, as always:)

  3. It is perfect for Rob. She is going to be thrilled. I still covet your weather pixie.

  4. So cool! Can't wait, I'm gonna take a class at Sharon's Attic on Tuesday to make my own Letty's bag....can't wait to make it and share my results with you!

    THANK YOU for all the great inspiration and ideas!
    ~ Kathy ;-)


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