Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning in November

It’s the end of the year for Two Wacky Women and it is time to regroup and get ready for a busy 2010. 

Last weekend we had a yard sale and sold lots and lots of  fabric, kits and miscellaneous other things. It was extremely successful but alas we still have a whole bunch left. 

This week has been a week of cleaning, cutting, re-organizing and throwing out Two Wacky Women inventory.  Marilyn and I have a storage room for all of our “stuff” and it had gotten out of control.  We went through every bin, box and bag so that we end the year knowing exactly what we still have. 

Most of our fabric is cut and sold as 1 yard pieces.  We spent time today organizing the fabric by color so that we can assess where there are holes and what we need to stock up on. 

This is the only fabric we have left on bolts.



fabric3 fabric4

Most of this is earmarked for kits and and future projects. 

The good news is we now get to go shopping.  By the way, shopping is what we do bestsmile_regular.



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