Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Wedding, Anniversary, Two Quilts and an Afghan 28 Years and Counting

Today is my husbands and my 28th wedding anniversary. 

Here we are on our wedding day in Hawaii.


That’s my sister Melinda on the left, then me, my husband John and our friend David Lee.  It was a very small wedding but beautiful.  It was raining that day but we were assured that that was very lucky.  I think they were right.

So over the years, like many of you I have had many crafty hobbies.  For a while I crocheted and one year, a long, long time ago, for our anniversary or John’s birthday (for the life of me I don’t remember which) I made John an Afghan.  To this day it lays folded at the foot of our bed and he still occasionally uses it when he takes a nap.  After taking this picture I also realize the cats love it (it’s covered with cat hair, yuk), I guess I better wash it before I put it back.


Next I made him a quilt. 

Sunshine and Shadow

If you’ve seen me lecture you’ve heard this story but bear with me for just a minute.  First I must tell you I love this quilt.  I honestly think it’s one of the prettiest quilts I’ve made.  It is called Sunshine and Shadows and it was made as a result of a pattern shared on a yahoogroup, Quiltingsisters.  I pieced it and then sent it to Ohio (I think Ohio) to be quilted.  She did a lovely job by quilting feathers in the black.  BTW, that’s Pepper the Cat in the corner of the picture.

Sunshine and Shadow Closeup

Well, I gave it to John and he said he liked it but I noticed he never used it.  Finally one day he told me it was a “hard” quilt.  It took me a long time to figure out what in the world he as talking about.  It certainly wasn’t hard, in fact it is very soft with a very nice hand to it. 

Much later it finally dawned on me.  Several years ago we were all making rag quilts.  I made rag quilts for everyone.  All the grandkids, my daughter, my step-daughter, my son-in-law, you name them I made them a rag quilt.  A light bulb finally came on and bingo I figured out what he was talking about.  He wanted a RAG QUILT.  So I made him one of the ugliest rag quilts.  Have you figured it out?  He loves it.  Here it is, in all it’s glory.

Johns Rag Quilt

Yup, that’s were it lives.  Right on the back of his very worn and well used Lazy Boy.  Now when he’s cold and wants to get warm and comfy he pull his “ugly, soft” quilt off the back of his chair and snuggles.

The Sunshine and Shadows quilt?  Its folded up on a shelf so that I can pull it out every once and a while to admire.

Oh well 28 years later, we’re still going strong. 


Happy Anniversary Hon!




  1. What a great story...and an example of what makes you still going strong after 28 years of marriage!

  2. Popping over from JudyL's blog. Funny story. I can relate. When I was in the Army and stationed in Nuremberg, Germany, my mother made me an afghan for Christmas. I still have it and it gets used periodically. After I got married and my mother saw DH using the afghan, she asked him if he liked it. He said NO, it had too many holes in it. LOL. So she made him a KNITTED afghan with double yarn and cables. It it beautiful and DH used it alot for a number of years. However, he still likes the old raggedy flannel backed, mimimally quilted, falling apart quilt that his mother made him when he was stationed in Korea in the mid 60's. It's soft and floppy. I recently had to put a new flannel backing on it. Congratulations on 28 years. We are now up to 30.


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