Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out of the Loop

The last few weeks I’ve been completely out of the blogging loop.  Sorry about that but over the next several day's, I’ll try to catch up. 

First I hurt my back.  I’ve never had back problems but boy now I can really sympathize with everyone that deals with it on a regular basis.  I have no idea what I did to my back but the doctor said when you’re over 50 (I’m just slightly over 50 smile_sad) you don’t have to do anything to have your back go out.  After a visit to Urgent Care, muscle relaxers and pain pills, a week later I was back to normal, thank goodness. 

Next I had call-in jury duty.  Where I live if you’re on call-in jury duty you have to call every evening for a week and only report in if told to.  If you go the week without going in, you’re done for a year.  Well since I seem to be “Ms. Jury Duty” the very first time I called I was told to report.  If you have to report it’s one day or one jury.  No problem, this is a court that only has 1 – 2 day trials.  Of course I managed to get on a trial that lasted a week.  I kept saying “Why Me?” 

Put all that together along with soccer games and cross country banquets and I’m just been out of the loop.  However……..I’m back. 

Since I haven’t been working on anything I thought I’d post a picture of a Christmas quilt I purchased at a guild auction a few years ago.  My friend France Moore made this quilt and donated it to my local quilt guild Quilters by the Sea.




Frances is a terrific lady.  She has lots of great ideas, she pieces, appliqués and best of all machine quilts on her home machine.  She is a wonderful teacher and Two Wacky Women will be facilitating a machine quilting retreat for her in February.  If you’re interested in attending, we only have 4 openings left.  Go the the TWW retreat page to read all about it. 

Hopefully things will now quiet down for me (right……it’s almost Christmas) so that I can get back on track.



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