Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Devine Nine

I just put the finishing touches on the pillow shams that go with my Christmas quilt.   

I blogged about this quilt a while back but at that time the top was made but it hadn’t been quilted yet.  My friend Sue quilted it for me and also quilted the shams.  Everything is completely done now.  The binding is on, the shams are completed and the bed is made.  I love it!

I taught a “Devine Nine” class last July in Las Vegas.  While I was teaching the class, my sister made the blocks for me.  I’ve told you before, I’m a lucky duck to have a sister that helps me like that.  The pattern for Devine Nine uses 9 fat quarters to make a lap size quilt.  For this quilt I doubled the number of fat quarters to 18 (actually 9 half hards).  I used 16 blocks for the quilt and the extra 2 to make the shams.  It worked out perfect. 


Here it is on our bed.


Here’s a picture of the lime green quilting.


This is the back of the pillow sham so that you can see the design that Sue quilted.  The quilt itself has a red polka dot flannel backing. 





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