Saturday, March 30, 2013

Woo Is Me………

I am really ready to be done with this quilt.  On Wednesday, I posted about how frustrated I was trying to quilt this quilt on my ancient Handiquilter.  Well, today hasn’t gone much better. 

First of all I had to set my Brother PQ1500 up so that I could sit down and get this darn quilt, quilted and that took awhile.  I was finally all ready to start, got my glycerin on my hands (I use glycerin instead of gloves, thank you Frances), and I was set to start when I felt a lump, pretty much in the middle of the quilt.  So I’m now repining the quilt so that I can finally get it quilted. 

IMG_5733 I can hardly wait to be finished so that I can donate it to a local charity.  I still have no idea where this pattern came from.  I think it was an on-line mystery but would welcome hearing if anyone recognizes it. 



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