Friday, March 1, 2013

Disappearing Pinwheel?

This afternoon I started playing with a Disappearing Pinwheel.  What’s a Disappearing Pinwheel you ask?  Well a while back as I was visiting one of the Blogs I follow I found it.  When I told my BFF Marilyn about it she looked at me a little strange when I told her is was a Russian Blog written in Russian.  No I don’t read, speak or vaguely understand Russian but I’m real good at looking at pictures.  There actually is a translator button on the site but I rarely use it, I just look at the pictures.  Here’s the website

So this afternoon I’ve been playing. 


I used 5” blocks cut on the diagonal to make the pinwheels.  Then sewed them together into a nine patch.  The only thing tricky is that you need to trim the nine patch to a size devisable by 3.  In my case I trimmed the nine patch to 8 1/4”.  My hint would be in order to trim your block, measure 4 1/8” from the center and trim each side so that way all 4 sides get trimmed the same and your center stays in the center.  Then I cut on all 4 sides at 2 3/4” from the outside edge.  After you’ve cut the block apart, have fun arranging and rearranging.  Next I’m going to try it just using two fabrics.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 




  1. that's pretty clever, Robin! I'll be watchin' for those figures to come out on the math.

  2. How interesting. What a fun block to play with. I will be looking forward to seeing the two fabric version.

  3. Neat! I've just heard of this - must try it. Thanks for sharing


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