Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stash Report–Week 12–March 24, 2013

An up and down week.

Used this Week 3
Used year to Date 42.25
Added this Week 3.5
Added Year to Date 13.25
Net Used for 2013 -29

I’m determined to continue to reduce my stash. 

Since I think every post needs a picture, I decided to let Molly be the star.


Molly really does love everyone even if she doesn’t show it.  My sister calls her “Devil Cat” and that’s one of the nicer things people have said about her.  But she’s ours and we love her, even if she does lose her mind at times. 




  1. Your numbers are looking good. Wish I was going in the direction you are. BTW, Molly does not look at all like a devil cat. She's as pretty and sweet as my own little Smokey, who is also a twin to Molly (except Molly looks younger than mine.) You give her a hug from me!

  2. The devil cat is looking good!

  3. Cat's eyes are always so beautiful. Good job on your numbers.


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