Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Name is Robin and I’m a Purseaholic

There I said it, and it’s not easy to admit but it’s true, unfortunately very true, I am definitely a purseaholic.  I guess we each have vices and mine is definitely an affinity for purses.  Not only do I design and make many purses and tote bags, I also can’t resist buying them.  So what did I do this time?

Well I saw an ad for the cutest Fossil purse I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t resist.  I thought about going to the Fossil store but decided why waste the gas when I knew I’d end up buying it anyway.  So here’s a few pictures.


And just in case you want to see it on the Fossil site, click here.   Now I’m going to go fill it up.  Smile



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