Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Finish

My friend Sue quilted this on her long-arm machine for me.  I used wool batting so you can really see the texture of the quilting.  Plus, the quilt turned out really soft and cozy due to the wool. 

In and Out

I added a black flange using a variation of one of the many (faux flange/piping) binding techniques that is floating around the internet.  I sometime use this method because it’s fast and easy but in this case I used it because I really felt that little bit of black added a great finishing detail. 

In and Out Closeup




  1. I love it. I really like the texture that shows when you use wool. The flange is perfect - it adds a special touch to the project. I can't wait to make one this summer.

  2. It's wonderful! I love the little flange! :0)

  3. Can you tell me where I could buy this pattern? I really like this quilt too.


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