Monday, April 8, 2013

Design Wall Monday–April 8, 2013

I lead such an exciting quilting life that my design wall has the makings of more Microwave Potholder Bowls on it.  Well not exactly a wall, more like a little table in my sewing room.

As a reminder, here’s one of my completed bowls.  You can read about it here along with a link to the tutorial.  


My daughter, Shelli, picked out these fabrics so that I can make her some this week.


These fabrics will be used to make a potholder bowl  for her oatmeal bowl that she uses most days.

And I’ll be making 3 of these for their chili  bowls.


Hope you’re working on something fun.  To see what others are working on this week, click on over to Judy’s blog




  1. I love using the bowl potholders. So easy to set your bowl in them and then right into the microwave. Pull them out and hold they by their "ears". I like the pepper fabric for Chili--makes me hungry!

  2. I made one of your bowl potholders the day you posted it and it was so EASY and QUICK! Works like a charm too! I can finally reheat soup in my favorite bowl without burning my little fingers! Thank you so much!


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