Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Last Layout And A Decision

At the suggestion of one of my followers I tried one more layout, this time using the Depression Block for Quilterscashe.  Here it is spread out on my floor.


I like it but in the end, I decided on this one.


Of course Molly had to check it out.  After looking at the picture (it’s amazing what a difference a photograph makes) I discovered one block turned the wrong way.  See it up there, third from the top and on the right.  I fixed it before I labeled the rows and picked it up off the floor.

Unfortunately I’m attending a funeral today for a dear friend from guild, Caroline Finley.  Please send prayers for Caroline’s family and best friend Brenda.  They could sure use it at this very sad time.  She was a very warm, caring, loving person and will be missed by everyone that was fortunate enough to have her touch their lives. 




  1. I love you choice!!! Like the way it is off center..

  2. I love them both, it would be hard for me to pick. Really good use of that fabric.


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