Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Love the Color Red

Today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with quilting and/or sewing but it does reflect what is becoming another love of mine. 


I got another Ukulele for my birthday and it’s RED.  Isn’t it cute.  It isn’t exactly a top quality instrument but it’s Red, so it’s perfect.  So far it goes out of tone every few minutes but that’s OK, I’ll just keep tuning it and hopefully it will eventually stay in tune. 

The bottom Ukulele is the one I use and practice with, I love it too (and it’s not even Red).  Uke class tonight so I better practice some more before I go sew for a while.  Live is tough! 





P.S.  I’m a much better quilter than I am a Ukulele player, much better.  Smile

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  1. I love the RED one too. Can't wait to here you in concert.


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