Monday, April 1, 2013

Get It Done–April, 2013

Let’s start by recapping March.  I didn’t get everything done that was on my list but I made a big dent and that’s a good thing.  I also managed to complete or work on lots of other projects but they weren’t on the radar at the beginning of the month. 

1.  Figure out and finish the top of my, striped, sort of, Hidden Wells Quilt.

The top is finished and I shared the completed top here. 

2.  Make a Diva Frame Wallet. 

Yea!!!!! Another project complete and shared here.  BTW, I’m actually using the wallet.  I love it. 

3.  Finish my very old mystery quilt and get it ready to donate to charity. 

Unfortunately this is turning out to the be the quilt from Hell.  I’ve made a couple of attempts but it’s still not quilted  You can read my last update about it here

4.  Do something with the leftover 5” square from a quilt I made several years ago.

I’ve started playing with them making Pick Up Sticks blocks.  Here’s the latest update.  Then I decided to use them to make a new laptop cover

Now on to April and my wish list for the month. 

1.  Finish, once and for all, that *@#% mystery quilt.  Here it is sitting next to my sewing machine, ready to go under the needle.


2.  Now that my Mock Hidden Wells quilt top is finished.  I need to get the back pieced together and the binding ready.  This one is probably going to my friend Sue to be quilted. 


3.  My Scrappy Trips Around the world is completed and the binding is sewn on to the front.  I need to finish the hand sewing of the binding.


4. I’ve had this Hidden Wells Quilt cut out for a while.  My plan for April is to start sewing the strip sets together.  I probably won’t complete the top but at least I can get it further along.  


As always I’m sure there will be many other projects that will sneak in but I do find that listing things at the beginning of the month helps to keep me focused. 

There’s other silly people out there that are participating in Judy’s “Get It Done” challenge.  Check it out here



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